Singapore’s Premier Supplier of International Whisky Brands

Become a connoisseur of this sophisticated spirit with our extensive range of products from around the world. Favoured by everyone from famous writers and composers, to American cowboys and outlaws, there is nothing better than reclining and unwinding at the end of the day with a smooth glass of single malt Scotch whisky. World Wine Vault are proud to offer our Singapore clientele a curated range of premium whiskys from some of the world’s most exclusive breweries.

A curated selection of liquors to suit every drinking style

Perhaps the single greatest appeal of whisky is the variety and diversity that this drink provides. Although most types of whisky are rich on the tongue, that’s where the similarities end with a diverse range of flavours that vary from vanilla to peat, every country in the world has its own unique style of whisky, and even at the regional level the variety can be extreme. There are a wide array of variables which can affect the flavour of this drink including the grain it is fermented from, the type of wooden barrel it is aged in and the amount of time it is aged for. The way you choose to drink your whisky also influences the flavour of the drink and there is a notable difference in flavour between drinking a whisky neat or with added water or ice.

World Wine Vault has endeavoured to curate a selection of whiskys that give some semblance of the diversity this remarkable spirit is capable of. Our range varies from prestigious 40 year old single malt Scotch whiskys and famous American brands through to younger, lesser known labels from the Asia Pacific region. 

For more information on our rangeavailable for delivery throughout Singapore, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on +65 6659 6368.