Buy Korean Liquor Online in Singapore

Korea has a unique alcoholic beverage tradition and World Wine Vault stocks a curated range of these distinctive products. Although the production and demand for Korean liquor and wine declined sharply during the colonial period, it has experienced a resurgence over the past thirty years. This rise in popularity is due in no small part to the efforts of South Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration which classified 86 varieties of traditionally brewed liquors as cultural properties and another 12 regional varieties as Importance Intangible Cultural Properties of Korea. In this sense, the drinking traditions of this country are inextricably linked to the culinary culture of Korea. World Wine Vault stocks a number of Korean liquors including soju, rice beer, and plum wine in our Singapore store.


Often called ‘Korea’s most popular beverage’, soju is perhaps Korea’s most iconic liquor and part of a drinking tradition that stretches back to the 13th century. Soju is traditionally consumed straight and is considered to be a social drink. The Chum Churum brand we stock in our Singapore store is made using 100% Korean beer rice. 

Plum wine

Fruit wines are incredibly popular in Korea and there is a strong tradition of combining seasonal fruits with alcohol to create these beverages. Plum wine is by far the most popular fruit wine and has a sweet taste which is perfect for pre-dinner drinking. The Sool Joong Mae brand we stock in our online store has repeatedly been ranked as the best in Korea.

Rice beer

We guarantee you haven’t tasted any beer like this before. Known as makkoli, this is a milky, sweet beverage which is perfect for laid back drinking. The brand of beer we stock is made from 100% Korean rice.

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