Johnnie Walker

Singapore’s First Johnnie Walker Ambassador

World Wine Vault is proud to be the first official ambassador for Johnnie Walker in Singapore. Visit our store to begin your journey with Johnie Walker's Scotch Whisky. Discover all the outstanding labels with World Wine Vault, a 200 year old story awaits.

Drawing on a rich history which stretches back to 1820

Today, the logo of the strolling gentleman with a top hat and cane is internationally recognised and synonymous with high quality Scotch whisky. The striding man logo goes back to 1908 but the history of Johnnie Walker extends much further than that to Ayrshire, Scotland in 1820 where grocer John “Johnnie” Walker began selling whisky in his shop. It was Walker’s son and grandson who made the label an international name by changing the shape of the bottle to the less breakable (and now iconic) rectangular bottle shape and convincing the ship captains to take the bottles as part of their cargo when they went sailing to international ports.

The brand retains strong links to its roots with many of its famous labels drawing inspiration from the original Old Highland blends. The brand’s philosophy emphasises that the key to great scotch lies in the way that the blender creates it. This turn harks back to John Walkers original products, where he used his experience blending exotic teas to create a balanced flavoured whisky which showcased the best of Scotland’s regional whisky characteristics.

The Johnnie Walker labels are beloved by everyone from politicians and world leaders to rock stars and Hollywood actors. Indeed, there are few liquor companies in the world who can lay claim to the kind of multinational cultural recognition which this brand claims. Although they produce over 130 million bottles a year, the brand has at no point sacrificed their dedication to quality and each of their labels has won numerous international awards.

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